Episode 31: How to Build and Create a Resilience Action Plan

Episode 31: How to Build and Create a Resilience Action Plan

In this episode, I interview Elizabeth Grady. She defines resilience and discusses how to create an action plan.  She discusses 6 steps and 8 dimensions of Wellness:

  1. Identifying where you want to build this resilience
  2. Take a look at your attitude, what do you say/believe about this
  3. How can you change it to be more positive
  4. Set goals for change “I want..” and fill in the blank
  5. Set some short and long term goals 
  6. Take action

  She discusses how it can help to work through this with a Licensed Therapist or use journaling to help you.  Liz discusses ways to stay consistent with the changes you make. She discusses the importance of focusing on what is in your control.

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