Episode 28: Overcoming Burnout through Advocacy and Creating Systematic Change

Episode 28: Overcoming Burnout through Advocacy and Creating Systematic Change

 In this episode, I interview Dr. Kerri Palamara an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She practices as a primary care general internist at MGH. Dr. Palamara leads the Center for Physician Well-being for the Department of Medicine at MGH. Her academic work focuses on physician coaching and physician well-being. She shares her journey through burnout and how she overcame it. She discusses the importance of looking at what you can control when you are working for a system.  She also shares ways of finding what works for you.

She shares the differences between regular burnout and COVID burnout.  She discusses how she found meaning and purpose with COVID, but COVID burnout is more emotionally draining. Dr. Palamara describes how the Center for Physician Well-being is set up to help all Healthcare providers and members in their system to overcome and prevent burnout. They look at how to help with efficiency, burdens on providers, processes, and how to support them through coaching.  Dr. Palmara discussed ways others can advocate at their organization and ways to create systemic change.  

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