Episode 27: Self-Healing Through Nervous System Regulation

Episode 27: Self-Healing Through Nervous System Regulation

In this episode, I interview Nima Rahmany.  He is both a Chiropractor and an educator, specializing in helping individuals and professionals get to the ROOT CAUSE of their physical and emotional challenges, from stressed, depressed, and anxious to living Powerfully Aligned and on Purpose. After building a successful Chiropractic practice in Maple Ridge, BC, Dr. Nima sold his clinic in June 2016 to pursue his passion for teaching and coaching professionals who are stressed, depressed, and anxious to transform and have their best year ever— in both a private and corporate setting.

   He discusses when you become aligned with you who you are, you are able to set boundaries and start to overcome burnout  He calls himself an “edutainer” which means he includes dance and music to help people relax and they learn.  Dr. Rahmany discusses his journey through the anxiety and disassociative state he experienced and how it helped him set the foundation for what he teaches.

  He shares how he helps clients use somatic awareness to overcome trauma, attachment wounds, burnout, and other issues.  He discusses how the brain is impacted by stress and trauma.  He shares how the sympathetic nervous system is triggered and the thoughts and emotions that follow.  He discusses how much we need to show our bodies how to overcome where we are.  He discusses the impact of nervous system dysregulation on the body and mind. He shares his Overview method which helps heal attachment wounds and clearing stress/emotions/trauma that blocks us. His method teaches somatic skills (breathwork, sound) to help clients regulate their nervous system. 


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