Episode 26: Are You on the Right Path? How to Find Your Way.

Episode 26: Are You on the Right Path? How to Find Your Way.

In this episode, I interview Ronen Divon. He’s been walking spiritual and holistic paths for well over three decades. Ronen is a Reiki Master, a channeling healer working in mediumship, and a Yoga and Tai Chi instructor. He is also an ordained minister with the Sanctuary of the Beloved, a non-denominational church in the Order of Melcheizedek. In his Plant Medicine work, he is a Medicine Carrier affiliated with the CA-based Church of the Celestial Heart.
Ronen discusses his spiritual journey and the importance of guides and teachers. He shares differences between being spiritual and religious.  He shares if you are feeling burned out or unhappy in your job to reflect on these questions:  are you still doing what you are meant to be doing? Are you on the right path? He emphasizes the importance of taking a leap of faith to go in the path you are meant to go.  He discusses the belief that everything that happens in your life you invite into your life based on a divine plan you created. “There’s no good or bad there’s only learning.”  He discusses helping others as a way to help depression and how to call on spiritual beings to help with difficult times.
Ronen shares tools to use to protect your energy before you start your workday and tools to use after.  He discusses what a Reiki session is like and how it can help with identifying blockages and emotional issues that end up in physical problems.
He discusses ways to alter your path to find your way out of burnout.

Resources Mentioned

Dry Cleaning to release negative energy:
Physically go around each area and flick energy away from you
Eyes- I release all that I’ve seen
Ears- I release all that I’ve heard
Nose- All that I smelled
Lips- All that I’ve tasted
Throat- all that I have expressed
Shoulders through hands- all that I’ve touched and carried
Chest and abdomen- all that I’ve felt
Lower back= release guilt, remorse, and shame
Groin onto each of their legs all that I carry which no longer serves me
Shake the body a few times= I let it go, I let it go, I let it go.

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