Episode 24: Space Clearing and How to Release Energetic Clutter

Episode 24: Space Clearing and How to Release Energetic Clutter

In this episode, I interview Julie Coraccio award-winning professional life and end of life organizer and certified life coach.  She defines clutter and what end of life organization means.  Julie reviews what space clearing is and what energetic clutter is. She discusses space clearing exercises is “smoking” with a bundle of sage that is sustainably harvested. You can “smoke” your space and yourself. She discusses the importance of getting every space and creating the intention of what you want to release.
Other ways to clear space:

  • Sound
  • Chanting
  • Blessed Water
  • Imagine draining it from your hand
  • Resin

After clearing a space she discusses creating an intention of what you want to bring into space.  She discusses clearing your “aura” on a daily basis.  She discusses ways to shield and imagining energy going into the earth and being recycled with love. She discussed the importance of grounding each day.  Chris discusses asking yourself “is this mine or someone else’s?”  and imagining it going from your feet into the earth. Or as Julie mentioned “I send it back with love” or “return to sender.”

Resources Mentioned
Rose mountain Herbs
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