Episode 22: Conquer Burnout Through Brainspotting

Episode 22: Conquer Burnout Through Brainspotting

   In this episode, I interview Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSW,  President of the Southeast Brainspotting Institute and has a private practice called “Cynthasis” in Atlanta, GA. Cynthia shares her journey through burnout and how she overcame it. She shares the definition of the effective treatment modality brainspotting and how it can help people overcome many issues.  She discusses limbic countertransference and how the Therapist is also impacted by what is brought up by information presented by the client in the session.  She discusses what a Brainspotting session would look like and how it could help you overcome burnout. She gives some examples of what are some things that can come up with focused mindfulness. She discusses how its like Physical therapy for your brain.

 She discusses the issues that can be treated including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, sleep, enhancement of performance (sports, actors/actresses), hoarders, and procrastinators.  She discusses her daily self-care routine and how it helps her stay balanced. She discusses the differences between empathy and compassion. 

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