Episode 18: The Differences Between Employee vs. Entrepreneurial Burnout

Episode 18: The Differences Between Employee vs. Entrepreneurial Burnout

Katie discusses her journey through burnout and discusses her podcast, “The Modern Therapist Survival Guide” and the upcoming Modern Therapist conference. She shares what lead to her burnout, her symptoms, and how she has navigated through it. Katie discusses the differences between employee vs. entrepreneurial burnout, as well as causes of Entrepreneurial burnout.
Entrepreneurs have more decision fatigue, responsibility, and having to sell yourself constantly, and not having a distinction between home and work can lead to burnout. Many Helping professionals will often sacrifice themselves to the point of illness or not be able to sustain a business. She discusses decision fatigue and how you can’t make decisions anymore. She recommends doing a time and energy study to figure out what works best for you to work at optimal levels. Katie discusses the importance of creating a sustainable business.  We also discuss when looking at new ideas to consider is it the right time, do you have the resources, align with your objective, and be strategic and selective.  She discusses the importance of using a mantra like ‘I’m safe, I am strong” to help keep going forward.

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