Episode 16: How to Find Your Way Through Burnout

Episode 16: How to Find Your Way Through Burnout

 In this episode, I Interview Physical Therapist, Derek Nielsen.  You will learn about his journey through burnout and how he found his way out.  He describes how the insurance-based model he interned under saw a high number of clients per day and how this can negatively impact patient care as well as setting up Healthcare providers towards burnout. This propelled him to realize he does not want to take insurance and wanted to focus on quality patient care. He realized he wanted to work for the patient and not the insurance company. He also realized there is much less documentation when you don’t take insurance and this helps you to stay focused on patient care.  He believes you can prevent burnout by finding the best population you want to work within the best model that works for you.  Derek also discusses other ways to prevent and manage burnout.  Derek discusses ways Healthcare providers can find their way through if they find themselves in a difficult work environment.

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