Episode 15: Burnout Prevention Tool:  Slow, Mindful Yoga

Episode 15: Burnout Prevention Tool: Slow, Mindful Yoga

Yoga has become more popular and is a research-based way to help manage emotions including anxiety and depression.  In this episode, I interview for Kristine Weber, C-IAYT, eRYT500.  She created an amazing form of slow, mindful yoga called Subtle Yoga. She discussed the history of yoga in the US as it became more mainstream with fitness yoga and she discussed how slow, mindful yoga has more physiological and neurobiological benefits.  She describes the difference between exercise yoga and innercise yoga that she teaches.  Innercise yoga helps you to improve interoceptive awareness to fill into the needs of your body and make better emotional, cognitive decisions.
She discusses how slow yoga can help provide a more parasympathetic balance in the nervous system. She shares how even in a 10-minute practice daily for 30 days people can see changes. Kristine discusses the differences between energizing and grounding yoga and how they can benefit people who are feeling burned out.  She discusses how it can be a great resource for self-care for burned-out Healthcare providers.
Kristine reviews the Institute for Healthcare Reforms, Mark Berwick came up with a framework called the Triple Aim. This was focusing on population health instead of individuals, save costs, increasing the quality of care for patients, and self-care for providers.
She discussed how yoga is for everyone regardless of physical ability. She reviews how yoga is more than just asanas, includes ethics, meditation.  Kristine discusses how Healthcare providers can integrate this to help prevent burnout.

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