Episode 14: How Women Can Empower Themselves to Help Prevent Burnout

Episode 14: How Women Can Empower Themselves to Help Prevent Burnout

Parenting can bring many challenges, especially when parents are juggling work as well as family life.  I interview Dr. Kristen Wynns author of her easy to read book “No more wimpy parenting,” which shares how women are more at risk for burnout and how they can reclaim their power. You will learn about Kristen Wynns and her journey through burnout and how she overcame it. She discusses the importance of self-checks to help with identifying when are you feeling burned out and put some strategies into place.  She discusses the importance of pacing with goals and the importance of saying no. She feels women need to look at balance over a monthlong period and not just each day to help keep perspective.  She shares the importance of carving out self-care and fun time and making it sacred. Dr. Wynns discusses how relieving self-care guilt is helpful by reminding yourself that you deserve that time.
Dr. Wynns shares insights from her book and how parents give their power away and how they can get it back.  She discusses the importance of staying calm and being matter of fact when kids are escalating helps parents keep their power. She discusses the importance of the power strategy of saying directions one time and warning one time is most effective. Dr. Wynns discusses the importance of practicing this consistently. She shares a breathing techniques parents can use to keep their cool.
She discusses how it can help to appreciate the small things in life.

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