Episode 13: Best Practices for Teleworking While Managing Your Kids Remote Learning During COVID-19

Episode 13: Best Practices for Teleworking While Managing Your Kids Remote Learning During COVID-19

With COVID 19, many schools have been closed and some Healthcare providers have been forced to work from home while managing their children’s remote learning. It can be quite a balancing act and is causing a lot of stress.  In this episode, I interview Nicole Wallace. She is a Licensed Therapist and mother to 5 children, 4 are currently home with her.  She discusses how she made the transition from in-office counseling to at-home counseling while managing her children’s education.  She discusses how to discuss COVID 19 with children as well as the emotional impact on everyone through this uncertain time. She discusses how to set boundaries and expectations with children while teleworking. She discusses how to see this time as an opportunity to learn independent life skills. 

Here are her 3 best practices for teleworking while managing your kids’ remote learning. She discusses the importance of parents asking themselves do they feel safe? Do they feel loved? Do they feel cared for? 


1)  Create a schedule

2)   Take Breaks

3)   Schedule A Family Meeting

4)   Recognize Teachable Moments

5)  Create Individual Work Spaces 

She shares how she created a Family “Spirit” week to make school from home more fun.

Resources Mentioned

  • Link to Nicole’s podcast on Path to Hope Counseling


  • Tips for military families.  I thought this had some interesting information.


  • Tips for government employees.  This was different because it covered caring for the elderly and breastfeeding.


  •  Khan Academy Kids (this is an app)



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