Episode 11: Burnout Prevention Tool: Using Expressive Arts

Episode 11: Burnout Prevention Tool: Using Expressive Arts


In this episode, I interview Kim Azevedo, LMFT-A and Certified in Expressive Arts Multicultural Studies. She describes how different mediums of art can help make it easier to engage in the present moment and in the process. Kim discusses her journey through art and how she uses it as a burnout prevention tool.  She shares different ways to incorporate art each week. Kim describes in detail the different types of mediums that help build the process of the art experience. She describes how to get started if you have no experience and what mediums to use. She encourages people to just play and experiment. Kim shares simple strategies to engage with alcohol inks and using mindfulness to be present with it.  Kim discusses how using art can allow feelings to flow.

What We’ll Learn

  • You Don’t have to an artist, it’s the power of the process, not the product

  • How Expressive arts techniques have a mindfulness component to them

  • Different types of mediums you can use (pencils, pens, paints, etc.)

  • Strategies to get started with art if you have no experience

  • What are alcohol inks and how to use them

  • How to overcome negative self-talk about doing art

  • Some simple expressive arts activities you can do at home

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