Episode 10: The Impact of Burnout on the Family and How to Help

Episode 10: The Impact of Burnout on the Family and How to Help

In this episode, I interview Erin Ballard, (LMFT) and you will hear about your journey with burnout, her causes, signs and how she overcame.  She discusses how the family often gets our “leftovers” from our day and the struggles of balancing family life after work. The burned-out family member may need more alone time but this can cause resentment and upset in the family if it happens too much. She discusses ways as a family or couple to list ways to fill up while staying connected and to avoid drainers.  The importance of communication in the family regarding time management is essential. She reviews how providers can help overcome through internal work, what do you need- internally and within your intimate relationship, and advocating for themselves. She also provides information on how to add more play and fun in the relationship. Erin reviews how a 20-minute daily check-in can help keep a relationship healthy.

  Erin Ballard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and the owner of Family Solutions and Wellness Center. Erin specializes in working with couples including premarital counseling; improving communication and connection; working with high conflict couples; supporting families through separation/divorce; and addressing remarriage/blended family issues. Erin further works with individuals surrounding difficulties with anxiety, attachment difficulties, high stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue. 

  Erin is a supervisor candidate who provides supervision to therapists working towards their NC LMFT. Erin also provides supervision to licensed therapists who are seeking additional support or guidance as it relates to family/couples/systems approaches and interventions. Erin has worked with children, adolescents, and adults, providing individual, couple and family therapy in an array of settings including community-based agencies, in-home settings, private practice, and hospitals. When Erin is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children.

What We’ll Learn

  • More causes and signs of burnout
  • The Impact of Burnout on the family system
  • How burnout can lead to more conflict, isolation
  • The importance of identifying what fills us up vs. what drains us
  • How essential communication is in the family system, what bidding and rebidding is and how it can help in the family
  • How to Set Boundaries to help secure family time and prevent burnout
  • Strategies for overcoming burnout in the family
  • Ways to add more playfulness and fun in your relationship to help with burnout and what “small things” often means
  • The importance of individualizing overcoming burnout
  • How 20-minute daily check-in can help

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