Sometimes you need support and guidance from another Provider to navigate your way through burnout. It can be difficult to overcome on your own.   The signs of burnout include:

  • Emotional Exhaustion
  • Negative Perceptions of patients
  • Unhappiness in your career
  • Just going through the motions daily without a sense of purpose
  • Feeling little reward in what you do
  • Having a feeling a dread before each work day

In my sessions,  I will assess your level of burnout. I will assist you in identifying your ideal work life and help you set goals to get there. This process will involve personalized, realistic and manageable steps to help you reach your goals. I provide assistance in identifying holistic strategies addressing your mental, physical and spiritual self to set you on the path towards transformation.  I can help you relight your passion and bring more joy into each day.  Ready to get started?