Episode 4: Coping Strategies and Alleviating Self-Care Guilt Show Notes

Episode 4: Coping Strategies and Alleviating Self-Care Guilt Show Notes


In this episode, I interview Psychiatrist Dr. Vinay Saranga.  He discusses his journey through burnout and how he overcame it. He also discussed coping strategies he uses to help prevent burnout. We also discussed different stages in an MD’s career and how these can be potential causes of burnout.  Dr. Saranga also discusses how to manage guilt when we care for ourselves. 

Dr. Saranga is a native of KY. After his initial medical education in Europe, he completed his medical training in New York. Following his medical school, he completed his psychiatry residency at Wright State University, then a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He then moved to NC in 2012, with his wife and children. He is currently the outpatient medical director at Easter Seals UCP and is the owner of his private practice Saranga Comprehensive Psychiatry in Apex NC.

What We’ll Learn

  • Causes of burnout in MD’s 
  • Some signs of burnout
  • Coping Strategies to overcoming burnout
  • The importance of reaching out to other colleagues for support
  • How changes in your schedule can help prevent burnout
  • How to manage guilt about self-care
  • Realizing you are not alone 

Resources Mentioned

You can learn more about Dr. Saranga and his private practice here:


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