BONUS: Optimizing Self-Care for Telehealth Sessions

BONUS: Optimizing Self-Care for Telehealth Sessions

 With the pandemic continuing, many Healthcare professionals are continuing to offer telehealth to their patients. Many are feeling even more burned out as they continue to adjust to providing services through this medium.  In this solo episode, I offer 10 self-care tips so Healthcare providers can be at their best and be most effective.  

10 Tips for Self-care:

  1. Get into your daily work mindset, have a start and end time for your workday
  2. Make sure you are ergonomically correct in your work station
  3. How to manage eye strain
  4. Eliminate Distractions
  5. Take a few minutes before each call
  6. Allow more breaks during your day, see fewer patients if possible
  7. Go outside at least once a day to revive you
  8. Don’t forget your morning routine
  9. Keep your connections with colleagues
  10. Keep some humor in your day


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