Bonus Episode: Preventing Telehealth Burnout During COVID-19

Bonus Episode: Preventing Telehealth Burnout During COVID-19

With the COVID 19 pandemic continuing to grow and for the safety and wellbeing of clients and Providers,  many Healthcare providers (especially Mental Health Therapists) have had to turn their practices into an entirely telehealth service.  For many, this was stressful as so many were not trained yet in using this telehealth and had to scramble to get a platform, inform clients, create policies all within a short time frame. It is an adjustment for many to no longer see Clients for in-person sessions.  

  In this episode, I interview Dr. Jared DeFife a clinical psychologist from Atlanta, GA. He has a private practice that specializes in men’s mental health and therapy for adults with ADHD.  Jared discusses his journey with burnout and how he overcame it. You will learn about the research he has done on isolation on Therapist burnout and effectiveness.  He provides tips on how to improve your telehealth practice and prevent burnout.  

He discusses reframing any negative thoughts you have on telehealth and remember it is just as effective as face to face therapy. Jared also mentioned the importance of having good audio for telehealth and the impact of poor audio on your energy. He emphasizes you to step back from the camera and closer to the microphone.  He emphasizes the importance of the relationship and your physical presence on good treatment outcomes. Jared also recommends the importance of staying connected. 

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  1. Nicole Wallace

    Great information and real tips for improving your telehealth practice. Thanks!


      I’m so glad you found it helpful! Thanks for listening!


      Hi Jennifer! Thanks for listening. I’m not sure what you meant when you asked about good examples of “good audio?”

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