Bonus Episode: Keep Calm and Carry on During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Bonus Episode: Keep Calm and Carry on During the Corona Virus Pandemic


This is a bonus solo episode to address the current Coronavirus Pandemic. Every day it seems something new is happening and we are faced with more changes that impact our daily lives. It is a time of uncertainty, stress, worry, and depression. This episode addresses some strategies to help you carry on through uncertain times and when so much is out of your control.

The importance of daily reaching out to others is emphasized.  Breathing practice is taught to help you ease anxiety. When experiencing more stress and anxiety remember to do more self-care. 5 steps on how to keep calm and carry on are listed below.  The importance of being creative during these difficult times is also addressed.

What We’ll Learn

5 steps and things to keep in mind

  1. Avoid information overload, it’s important to stay informed but don’t overwhelm yourself by constantly checking the news (too much availability!) check only 1 to 2 times daily and schedule disconnect times
  2. Keep as many routines the same as you can.  This can keep some sense of normalcy and security for you as well.  If you have kids at home consider making a structured schedule for their day to keep them occupied. I have my episode 9 on morning self-care routines April 1st so tune in since you will have more time to create one!
  3. Consider going for walks while keeping social distancing from others, being outside getting fresh air, sunshine and being in nature can be so therapeutic and help ease some of the stress of this time. My husband went for a walk after work Monday night and it was very relaxing and provided some good bonding time.
  4. Keep going with your exercise routines, with gyms closing and fewer options for workouts you have to do what you can at home. Consider making a gym area at home, online workouts, step-ups on stairs
  5. Make a list of things you have always wanted to do, consider signing up for fun courses online about these things, art courses, learn a language, dance, 

In your list, put down home projects, fun activities you can do at home. This can give you some sense of control.

Resources Mentioned

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