Bonus Episode: Implications of Burnout with COVID-19

Bonus Episode: Implications of Burnout with COVID-19

The pandemic has created an increase in burnout with Healthcare professionals. In this episode, I interview Dr. Michael Leiter. He is an expert on the psychology of work, is an Honorary Professor of Organisational Psychology at Deakin University in Melbourne Australia. His research on job burnout and work engagement have been widely published. In a commitment to improving work-life quality, he consults with organizations and researchers around the world. 

He discusses how he is researching burnout in healthcare through the Pandemic Experiences and Perception Survey.  This assesses the impact on employees in Healthcare on working through the pandemic, the supports they have, the support they don’t have, how they perceive risk, and how they perceive the capacity to manage risk and ties it to six areas of work life.  

  He discusses how difficult it is for healthcare providers in the front lines and how it just saps their energy. Dr. Leiter discusses his definition of burnout as exhaustion, cynicism, discouraged, and not feeling effective.  He sees it as a problem with the relationship between the person and the workplace. 

 He describes six areas of work-life that impact burnout with COVID 19 include increased workload, less time for recovery, lack of control, less intrinsic satisfaction with work, more strain on relationships in the workplace, do you feel you are treated fairly and patients, and difficulty with not agreeing with the values and decisions in the healthcare system. Dr. Leiter discusses potential solutions for Healthcare burnout through organizational strategies. 

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