Helping Burned out Healthcare Professionals to Relight their Passion

The Nothing Left to Give Podcast

Are you a Healthcare Professional and feel disillusioned and exhausted? Looking for ways to get your life back?  Then this Podcast is for you!

The Nothing Left to Give podcast was created to help healthcare professionals (mental health therapists, Physicians, PA’s, Nurses) who are feeling worn out, overwhelmed, hopeless and burned out.  They have lost their passion, drive for their profession and feel they have “nothing left to give.” Mental Health Therapist Chris McDonald interviews special guests to help determine strategies for overcoming burnout as well as sharing of burnout prevention tools. Our goal is to give support, resources, inspirational stories and strategies for overcoming burnout and releasing work stress.

This podcast will help bring the spark back to healthcare professionals so they can grow personally and professionally. This podcast assists healthcare professionals to help refresh their spirit and restore their energy and passion.